Instagram is the world's most popular social media platform with over 500M daily active stories and over 1B users*. Getting your profile right is essential to making an impact!


Showing people you have 100K users with less than 1% engagement is not appealing. Unfortunately, this is the stark reality of not properly managing your account or, having leveraged bots to augment your likes, followers and shares. IG's algorithm is there for a reason, and to concur IG as a platform, there is one simple fact:

"There are no shortcuts"

What many people don't understand are the following:

  • IG is not a platform to catalogue products only

  • IG doesnt like spam posting

  • IG is picky about hashtags

  • IG can scale back feeds

  • Potential advertisers do scan your starts for engagement and user metrics. Every dollar counts!

  • There is more value in 100 users with 70% engagement vs. 10K with only 1%!

and the big one:

Stop following Youtube videos on getting 5K followers today! If it's that successful then why would anyone share their secrets and more importantly, if 100K viewers applied it, don't you believe IGs algorithm will self adjust itself? This is called click bait and generally leading you to registering for a paid seminar, buy a book, etc.. 

Content is king and your engagement and value of content will generate the followers you need. It's the old school way of delivering what your customers want, at the key times and in the right manner. So, the best way to make IG work for you is simple:

  1. You will need to work on your content

  2. Your brand means trust - if done right 

  3. Content is king

  4. Timing is critical

  5. nuances make the difference! relevant quality hashtags and actions

Below are the services I provide. Feel free to contact me and let me know what's on your mind and how I can help you.

* Source:

  • Profile management & optimization

  • Content scripting

  • Template authoring

  • Story & Post designs

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