Protecting yourself, your digital life and your business is key in today's online world. A virtual private network is essential


starting from


per month!

5 connections!


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per year!

5 connections!


starting from


per year!

8 connections!

Discounts available for multiple months/years. Chose option at checkout. 30 Day money back guarantee and support provided by Witopia as a provider of the service


I've been using VPNs to protect my digital life since 2005. Today I have partnered with my provider to give you the needed protection for all your devices! Desktop, Laptop, mobile and any connected devices to the net (iOS or Android). Check out the features that I have been tusting since 2005!

  • Industry strength IP cloaking

  • 256bit encryption

  • Protect against intrusions

  • Protect your Wifi at home

  • Secure public Wifi connections

  • Multiple device connections

  • Multi platform support

  • Privacy protection

  • Identity protection

  • DNS Leak protection

  • Access Media content (netflix, etc)

  • Multi protocol connections

  • Kill switches

  • NO LOGS!


Dedicated VPN servers are available in 60 countries for a total of over 120 servers! You also have the option to connect to Media dedicated servers to access content like Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, BBC, etc.

VPN Routers:

The service can also be configured either manually by you using the raw files in OpenVPN format and a modified router firmware - or you can also purchase a ready configured router with the VPN software loaded and ready to go!


The service supports multiple protocols with Stealth mode, DNS leak prevention and a NAT Firewall for added protection. Protocols used are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IPsec IKEv1 & IPsec w/IKEv2.


Guaranteed 256bit Military grade AED encryption and user generated 4096bit certificates.


Offering from 5-8 connections at the same time depending on your package.

24x7/365 Support:

Dedicated call center and chat available for users anytime!


VPN Services are provided by VPN providers and not UDO2. I offer s recommendation the services I trust and use

Use of a VPN is per the terms and conditions of the provider chosen

Chosen VPN providers are independently verified to not keep any logs

All support services are via the providers' dashboard or support and not UDO2

Use of VPN is for self protection only and can not be used for illegal activities as outlined by your country's regulation and the terms and condition of service.


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